October 14, 2007

DAR conducts enhanced ALDA

The Department of Agrarian Reform Province of Ilocos Norte has scheduled the following: September 24, 2007 ALDA Orientation briefing attended by ALDA teams composed of BDCD staff September 25, 2007 attended by MAROs and DFs in preparation for the conduct of ALDA STARTING October 1-16, 2007 and ends on the middle part of December for submission to the Central Office

The conduct is also the result of the Batch IV seminar/workshop held in Binalonan, Pangasinan on September 9-11 attended by CARPOs and ALDA coordinators from Region 1, 2, 3, and CAR.

The ALDA teams composed of staff from the Regional Support Service, Four staff and MAROs/DFs are involve3d in the conduct of ALDA

Agrarian Reform Community-Level of Development Assessment popularly known as ALDA I basically an assessment tool utilized by DAR in determining the levels of development of ARCs and ARB organizations. This looks into six key result areas like Land Tenure Improvement (LTI), Organization Maturity (OM), Basic Social Service (BSS), Economic and Physical Infrastructure Support Services (ECOPISS), Gender and Development (GAD) and Farm Productivity Income (FPI).

ALDA was developed in 1996 in recognition of the need to measure the progress of the ARCs based on the intervention provided. It generally gives information on the level of development of ARCs and ARB organization increases in agricultural productivity as well as improvement in ARBs household income.

To date, there are 1,783 ARCs and 5,377 organizations assisted by DAR nationwide and out of this, 1766 ARCs and 5,300 organizations will be assessed this year.

For the Province of Ilocos Norte alone 74 POs/cooperatives are to be evaluated in 23 ARCs in the different towns by the said teams by the use of questionnaires done in more than one hour through focused group discussion.

ALDA team plays major role as facilitator, researcher, documenter, date processor, crystallizer, resource mobilizer, advocates, planner and goal setter.

PARO Christianne Suguitan is however supportive of this activity expecting positive results which can become a reference of the Department and its partners in defining intervention programs in the ARCs

BDCD CARPO Maximo Ruguian this activity would also become as a basis for policy makers also at the Senate and the House of Representatives to justify the DAR extension after 2008.

Almost all of the POs garnered level 5 meaning only a few of them are dead, dying and no longer interested to grow and progress

Meanwhile the Regional and Provincial Inspectorate Team composed of Regional Director, ARDO, PARO, CARPO-BDCD, Infrastructure Engineer, Institutional Development Point Person, Provincial/LGUs and cooperatives are now scheduled for October 1-15, 2007 to monitor and to assess the physical status and the overall functionality of completed and turned-over physical infrastructure implemented under the various assisted projects like ARCDP1 and ARISP 1 & 2.

Gertrude G. Albano, Contributor

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