October 29, 2007



The Ilocos Times marks this week (October 22-October 29) the 50th anniversary of its rennaisant edition that started on October 23, 1957.

Having endured almost five decades of existence as the longest running community paper in this northwestern part of the Philippines is probably the greatest achievement the paper can be proud of.

Amidst the most trying and difficult period of our country’s history, such as the worsening economic turbulence the country is currently suffering from, The Ilocos Times has remained steadfast to its commitment to strive for responsible journalism.

Words of thanks alone would not suffice to recognize the work and dedication of all the past and present editorial staff members who have played, and continue to play, their respective roles to the hilt in making this paper come out week after week.

Despite uncertainties, our journalists stuck to their jobs, always in the frontline as they have also proven that no monetary considerations would derail them from performing their primary functions, which is to report to the people what is happening around them—especially inside the government.

While we are never self-righteous, we know we have stuck to our guns in whatever issue we may have involved ourselves in.

All these years, it could have been easy for us to simply leap out of journalism’s ethical bounds to serve our personal interests and prostitute the profession. But we have not and we never will. And this is something we are very proud of.

The Ilocos Times had always worked within the framework of its editorial policies and would continue to do so as we take our first step toward our 50h year of existence.

This is one thing not too many community papers can lay claim to in a business that had been invaded by fly-by-night operations and PR outfits masquerading as news organizations.

The annual observance of this paper’s beginnings is also our own way of renewing our commitment in seeking out fresh avenues to practice the profession.

And it is through the continued recognition and support given by our advertisers and by you, our readers, that will ensure the achievement and sustenance of our ultimate mission to put up an ideal community newspaper even if it had already become an institution by itself.

And as we move beyond Year 50, we thank all of you for being with us all these years.

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