June 3, 2007

6 sodium lights in LC destroyed—GSO

Laoag City may no longer be that bright anymore after city general services officer Laurel Mariano reported that six sodium lights located along the city’s major streets were destroyed recently.

According to Mariano, four sodium lights were destroyed in Barangay Calayab on the road going to Fort Ilocandia Resort and Casino, one in Barangay 1 near Discolandia, and another one in Barangay Lagui-Sail.

Police investigation of the separate incidents revealed that the sodium lights were destroyed only last week by means of throwing blunt and hard objects and gunshots.

In view of this, Mariano has asked the help of barangay officials and residents to immediately report to the police if they witness this kind of incidents.

Mariano also divulged that although the destruction of sodium lights had been done before, this is the first time that six sodium lights were destroyed in just one week.

The Ilocos Times also learned that a sodium light located near City Hall was also destroyed.

“Saan tay kuma ngarud a per-perdien dagitoy ta makaited iti pagsayaatan dagitoy a sil-silaw,” Mariano said.

A complete set of sodium light costs P8,100 and it still has to be imported abroad.

Though there are locally available sodium lights, Mariano said this could only last for three weeks.

The GSO officer also explained that there is no available replacement for the destroyed sodium lights as of the present as he explained that they have recently distributed the available sodium lights to the different barangays in the city.

Dominic B. dela Cruz

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