June 10, 2007

With opening of classes
City Hall distributes chemicals for fumigation
Anti-dengue drive stepped up

AS SCHOOLYEAR 2007-2008 begins, the Laoag City government has also stepped up its anti-dengue drive as the city General Services Office started distributing chemicals to the different schools in Laoag for fumigation purposes.

GSO officer Laurel Mariano said all public elementary and secondary schools in the city have received their share of fumigation materials such as resigen and sulfac aside from the crude oil, gasoline and disinfectants also provided by the city government.

All schools were also required to provide their own personnel to conduct fumigation after they were given training earlier.

Mariano added that this has been a regular routine of the GSO during opening of classes.

Mariano also explained that as the city government only looks after public schools, private schools can also conduct fumigation in their respective campuses provided they have their own chemicals to be used and the city government would be willing send personnel to conduct fumigation.

Fumigation can also be requested by barangays.

The stepping up of the anti-dengue drive of the city government is due to the fact that dengue-carrying mosquitoes increase their activity during the rainy season.

In view of this, the city government allocates funds for this purpose annually to avoid the spread of the dengue virus.

In the past, the fumigation operations were questioned by some Laoag City councilors as they claimed that fumigation would not solve the dengue problem as this only drives away the dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

However, city health officer Dr. Renato Mateo, though admitting that fumigation would not kill mosquitoes, it prevents and controls the spread of these mosquitoes.

Mateo also clarified that the best way to avoid the virus is to maintain cleanliness in and around residences.

He also reminded that dengue-carrying mosquitoes breed mostly in stagnant waters.

CHO records showed that Laoag still has zero incidence of dengue virus as of May 2007.

Dominic B. dela Cruz

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