June 10, 2007

For SY 2007-08
Building rehab eyed for LC central school

AS THE schoolyear 2007-2008 opened on June 4, 2007, Laoag Central Elementary School principal Primo Domingo reported that two major buildings in the school have been considered condemned for two years now as he appealed to local education officials for the rehabilitation of the said edifices to assure the safety of pupils in this school.

The two buildings mentioned by Domingo are the Industrial Arts and Home Economics buildings, which are both integral in the practical arts curriculum of pupils.

The Ilocos Times visited the said buildings and it was discovered that the buildings, especially the Industrial Arts building may collapse anytime. The HE building, on the other hand, has its roofing damaged and some pointed objects may fall anytime.

Domingo said the problem had long been reported to the Department of Education (DepEd) but he hinted that maybe because of the lack of funds, the rehabilitation of the said buildings had been shelved.

He added however that higher officials should also consider the welfare of the pupils of the school and look into the matter.

For this school year, the school administration plans to set up a tent besides the HE building to serve as classroom for HE classes.

Meanwhile, Domingo is also asking the DepEd for additional classrooms and teachers, citing their increased enrollment numbers.

Records showed that the school has total enrollees of 880 for this school year, but with the enrollment still ongoing, Domingo expects at least 70 more pupils to enroll.

In a related development, Domingo observed that in terms of transferees, parents has made the Central School as a sort of tutorial service considering that he had witnessed that some of the pupils should not be in the grade level they have enrolled in due to poor reading comprehension.

As a result, Domingo advised some transferees to return to their original school and ask their respective teachers about the real grade level they should be in.

The Central School caters to Laoag City residents of Barangays 6 to 17. The school however also accepts pupils whose parents are working near the school.

Domingo also disclosed that their school has never forced collection of the authorized contribution during enrollment but there are some parents who insist on paying the said fees upon enrollment. He added that there have been no complaints on the collection of contribution during the school’s enrollment period.

Despite the many difficulties facing the school, Domingo proudly announced that the school has been adjudged the cleanest and greenest elementary school in the city for two years and is one of the top elementary schools in the field of academics.

Dominic B. dela Cruz

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