June 3, 2007

Establishments with no biz permits
LC issues 7 closure orders

THE Laoag City government has issued at least seven closure orders against different business establishments in the city as of May 25, 2007 as these establishments have not renewed their respective business permits.

Ms Chona Gantala, city licensing chief, said though these establishments have not renewed their business permits to operate they have continued with their operations.

Earlier, demand letters were issued to the said establishments, ordering them to comply with the needed requirements for them to continue their business operations. However none of them reportedly complied.

As a result, closure orders against them were recommended by the City Treasurer’s Office with the approval of Laoag Mayor Michael V. Fariñas.

Gantala added that other business establishments which had been served with demand letters should comply within five days to avoid the issuance of a closure order against them.

Relative to this, the city government has formed a task force composed of personnel from the City Treasurer’s Office and licensing division to personally inspect all business establishments operating in the city to ascertain if they have complied with the required business permits.

The said task force, according to Gantala, will start combing the city from Barangay 1, Laoag City heading eastward.

Meanwhile, those which had been given closure orders could still re-apply, according to Gantala, but they should first pay the penalty levied on them and for them to return to the start of the requirements.

Records show that there are a total of 3,837 business establishments that have renewed their business permits while another 238 have applied as new businesses. The said total includes those in the Laoag City Commercial Complex.

Meanwhile, at least another 45 business establishments are expected to be given demand letters to renew their business licenses.

Dominic B. dela Cruz

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