July 18 - July 31, 2005

Angel de la Guardia

The General

Welcome to the third appearance of this column in The Ilocos Times and I hope and pray that this will last until I could still use my fingers on this outmoded or worse outdated laptop computer. Hirap nga ako kung minsan cause I don’t know what to do with perhaps a virus that causes the program to instead of saving what has been inputted on it deletes or erases it. Pero okay na ring pagtiyagaan ito kaysa sa none at all. HERE WE GO AGAIN! PAT or TAP? It’s all up to you to determine, okay?

Alright men. HAND SALUTE! Bakit po? Of course, because the Commanding General is here. But he is not a General of the Army nor the Navy nor a General Hospital, much more, not a General Problem at all. Obvious na ba kung sino ito? This Officer and a Gentleman is indeed deserving of our kudos for he is one who never say no to any assigned task and he does the work diligently and to a perfect T.

He accomplishes the work with flying colors if I may use this abused paradigm. Despite of this, he remains humble and what I like dito sa maitim na mamang ito (na si Mrs. Amarlie Pedro from the personnel division is the only one who could match the skin color of our subject) is that whatever accolade or recognition he receives, he shares and attributes the success with his personnel or his “ crack team” of diligent employees. Dapat lang naman dahil this “mapagmahal at maka-taong” leader knows how to take good care and handle his subordinates. He does not eat his share of snacks if his people do not eat. What he eats, his people shares with him. Kapuso at Kapamilya talaga ang turing niya sa mga tauhan niya. Say n’yo? ‘Di ba dapat talaga siyang saluduhan? Eto pa, this Department Head of the City Government has a strong conviction. He is highly principled. When he sees that a program or activity is wrong, he fights it. When he sees that it is good for the service he is all out in supporting it. Mga Kagalang-galang na Konsehales ng Lungsod, dapat niyong tularan ang taong ito. Hindi ba kayo nahihiya sa mga ginagawa niyo, Lalo na Yung Lolong Aso (Ooops, too premature po yata itong statement na ito, hindi bale, parang sneak peek na ito for what will come in the succeeding issues of The Ilocos Times so keep on reading this prestigious local newspaper and you’ll know more. One thing more, our General is brutally frank and he does not mince words when he assails a subordinate who cannot cope up with the standards set by the employees’ job description. In a constructive manner that is, not in a destructive way. Surely, the people under him learn a lot of things with regard to job performance. A General indeed. You want to learn about proper time, manpower as well as financial management enroll for free with the General. Anyway, he is the president of the University of Experience (UE) who hires the best teacher—EXPERIENCE. Tama Na, Sobra Na. Baka mabasa niya ito at mabatukan pa ako sa sobrang pagsisip-sip though I do not have the slightest intention to boot-lick him. Awan met ti gungun-udek. It just my way of saluting and recognizing (for me that is) a very special person and someone worth emulating. Isa lang ang ayaw ko dito sa General na ito. His pockets are too deep. In short, K-U-R-I-P-O-T. Ayaw kasi akong pautangin. He, he,he. Joke lang po ser! Huwag po kayong magagalit hane po! Anyway, understandable naman po yon. Being the spouse of a beautiful lady banker, (His wife, if I am not mistaken, is the acting manager of one of the prestigious banking institution here in the city) he knows when and who to lend money. He values and knows the importance of money and therefore he knows how to protect his interest and investments. Well so much for the General, if I go on, baka di magkasya ang isang page ng The Ilocos Times. Anyway, thank you once again to the manager of The Ilocos Times and to my dear friend Dominic. Friend, keep on blooming. Anna habbik anta!!!

It’s parting time once again and as our Islam Brothers say—”Ma’as Allah ma! Insha-Allah baad sabah alyum, ana shof kullo nafar hena Laoag City. Ana habbik kullo! Whatever this means, bahala na po kayo. Tap, tap tap …. Ano ang susunod dito?

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