July 04 - July 17, 2005

Mario V. Garrido

The rule of law must be upheld in our country

We see and observe lately that the scenario in our country is crucial and our President, Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has unequivocally ruled out resignation and advised those opposing her to address their grievances in Congress.

Her admission that she is the one in the wiretapped tape ought to be regarded as vitally important so as not to aggravate the situation now facing the entire society though she clearly manifested her sincere apology for “lapse of judgment”. But then, the more important issue is: “Whether she cheated in the last election or not.” This is where constitutional processes particularly due process of law comes in, which is basic; part of it is for Congress to investigate any wrongdoing and likely to try her for impeachment, if necessary. Nobody can ever tell for how long will this take, maybe months or even years, yet this is the proper way than to force her to resign by advocating “people power” again. We should take note that the position of America is not to support any unconstitutional or violent means to oust or overthrow our (Philippine) government, except thru legal and constitutional processes.

The problems surrounding the president really affects her credibility to govern and therefore must be resolved as soon as possible, and it is highly imperative that we help the president and her government so we could move forward to achieve peace, progress and prosperity. After all, these accusations, allegations and other issues facing the president are not yet proven but smear campaigns, speculations and black propaganda that only tend to undermine and underestimate her to handle the situation.

In the meantime, every Filipino must be calm, sober and tenacious, and all should be united. Although we differ in various opinions and judgments regarding the crucial issues that we are presently confronting, we must uphold the rule of law in our country. We ought to respect the duly constituted authorities and support and defend the constitution in these crucial times.

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