Februaery 5, 2006

Rotary Club “Clean Water” project proposal

Juan and Donna Ulep, representing the Oregon based Sweet Home Rotary Club, concluded a month-long survey of various proposed sites for the implementation of a potable water system, a project they call “Clean Water.” Providing local assistance was the Rotary Club of Laoag.

Mr. Ulep said that the exploratory visit focused on areas “where the need for clean drinking water is most severe.” Most of the areas surveyed are in the municipality of Dingras, though Baranggays Zamboanga and Caoacan in Laoag City including some areas of Marcos town were also visited.

The survey was the initial step in selecting a site and establishing a pilot project. Mr. Ulep stated that upon approval, the Sweet Home Rotary Club has committed to funding 25 percent of the project cost; District Rotary (Oregon) 33 percent; and the Rotary International Foundation 42 percent. If successful, the project is expected to be duplicated in other areas.

Ulep stated that the proposed water systems would be established on public property; schools or baranggay offices wherein the most number of people may benefit.

Mr. Ulep also gave credit to the efforts of wife Donna, in support of the project which will benefit so many people particularly the children who are most susceptible to diseases borne by contaminated or unsafe drinking water as cholera and dysentry.

The local Rotary Club of Laoag will assess the prospective sites and determine where the pilot project will be implemented. Criteria will be based on what community is most in need of a potable water system

Juan and Donna Ulep concluded their exploratory survey with a courtesy call on the provincial governor, Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., who expressed his appreciation and thanks for the community service programs of the Rotary organizations. The governor also said that the provincial government is ready to extend support for future projects.

The couple’s visit was funded by an individual grant given by the Rotary International Foundation, in line with their thrust for the year 2006 focusing on “Clean Water” projects throughout the world.

Steve T. Barreiro

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