December 18, 2005

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Steve T. Barreiro

Inside stuff

Our triumph in the SEA Games, can be credited in large part to the efforts of two men: The First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo, who was instrumental in raising funds by enlisting substantial corporate and individual support by reinstituting the project director scheme wherein different individuals or corporations played “godfather” to various sports.

Provincial board member Michael Keon, who was appointed as the ‘National Team Training Director’ was instrumental in supervising the NSA training programs and ensuring that the funds raised were properly spent on the athletes training and preparation.

We copped the overall championship winning by 26 gold medals over second place, Thailand. This has become an immense source of national pride and has brought back some measure of honor and respect to a country which has been continually dishonored by the shenanigans of our politicians.

Keon, despite his duties as training director continued to meet his commitments to the province, attending every single board session after his appointment, taking leave only when the actual SEA Games competitions started. This is reflective of his repute as an action man. From his tenure as chief of the Gintong Alay program to the transformation of erstwhile perennial IRAA cellar dweller Ilocos Norte into a regional sporting powerhouse, and capped by the Philippines first ever SEA Games over-all championship, he has further cemented his repute as someone who gets the job done.


According to insiders, Thailand spent approximately P1 Billion in preparing their athletes for the SEA Games. Compared to the Philippines’ P150 million. We garnered 113 gold medals to Thailand’s 87 and Vietnam’s 71. Despite the Goliathan budget, Thailand was soundly beaten by the Philippine David. Insiders speculate that an explanation is being demanded by the Thai people. Could this be the reason for the Thai PM’s unsportsmanlike remarks?


Sources reveal that the heated December 8 Council session resulted from councilor dela Cuesta’s intransigence and refusal to heed the “point of order” rulings by presiding officer, Councilor Yvonne Ranada. Apparently, dela Cuesta arrived late for the session and insisted that the previous discussions concluded in his absence be repeated.

At the break, Councilors Edison Chua and Raffy Peralta nearly came to blows following a vehement argument. Sources say that Chua addressed dela Cuesta which he ignored; instead it was Peralta who reacted. “Baboy ka..,” was one remark, while “Nababbaboy ta kasinsin mo..,” was the other. Cooler heads intervened preventing escalation, however as the incident suggests, there is truth to the speculations that tension and animosity are gripping the council


Overheard at a Sarrat barbershop:

Barber - “Nakakatkatawa iti Laoag”

Customer - “Apay?”

Barber – “Iti insarwa ti Sarrat, tinilmon met ti Laoag!”

More than a case of indigestion?! Certainly, the old man’s proverb, “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” does not apply.


Now that the DENR has come to Laoag and confirmed the truthfulness of the statements of the LC reform bloc as to the irregularities and anomalies in the implementation of the city government with regards to the (unsanitary) landfill, some outspoken members of the broadcast media have chosen to keep quiet. Whatever happened to your journalistic oath to expose truth in the public interest?

Evidently some of our media colleagues are propagandists masquerading as journalists. Does the truth carry a price tag?

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