January 15, 2006

After annexation program
INWD to improve water system in LC

After the annexation program of five towns in the province, the Ilocos Norte Water District (INWD) is set to improve the water system in its base of operation—here in Laoag City.

The annexation program made INWD’s presence felt in the towns of Pinili, Piddig, Solsona, Currimao and Badoc.

According to INWD General Manager John Teodoro, INWD’s savings for this year would be used for the improvement of Laoag’s water system, particularly on the eradication of spaghetti connections, or the bundled pipes distribution lines going to the service system.

The plan includes the laying down of distribution lines ranging from 2.4 inches in diameter.

Though there would be no revenue in this project, Teodoro believes that this would eradicate the problems caused by the old distribution lines and would also automatically eliminate severe water losses.

The said project was also planned due to the improvement of the drainage canals and it would be wasteful of water transmission lines would not keep up with the improvement more so since funding would be available.

In a related development, Teodoro also said that there might be a possible water rate increase in the middle of the year due to the expanded value-added tax law if they could not find any solution to avoid it.

Teodoro however reassured concessionaires that INWD is looking at every possible ways and means not to raise rates.

INWD Board President Emeric Asuncion also maintained that there would be no rate increase this year if possible.

He also stressed that INWD concessionaires should not worry of any pending rate increase as they would also be consulted for their suggestions and recommendations.

Meanwhile, Teodoro has also appealed to the public to report any illegal water connections that they are aware of to avoid water loss.

In this regard, those who would report would be kept confidential and they would also receive cash rewards equivalent to the 80 percent of the total penalty of the violator. The remaining 20 percent would go to the INWD.

Dominic B. dela Cruz

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